The Common Room model emerged from a 6-month Innovate UK-funded design project in 2017/8. It was developed collaboratively by almost 100 people of all ages, from organisations right across the social and economic spectrum. The Common Room is envisioned as a network of community-rooted spaces that connects people of all ages in interesting and inspiring ways.

The Common Room promises to be a game-changer in the development of life & career plans, lifelong learning, the Future of Work, healthy communities and purposeful living – across the entire life course, in the age of the 100-year life and the 60-year career.

The first Common Room was made possible through the generous contributions and support from Peabody Trust, Openreach and St. James's Place.

Jonathan Collie is a passionate intergenerational changemaker. Jonathan began his career as a doctor in the NHS before moving into health tech via an MBA at University of Edinburgh.

Jonathan Collie is the co-founder of The Age of No Retirement CIC, a social enterprise he started in 2014 to shatter ageist stereotypes and reshape thinking around the value of “older, but not yet old”. In 2016 Jonathan and his team conducted a nationwide (UK) survey of 2000 people aged 18 to 99 which proved that adults of all ages have much more in common than the generational stereotypes would have us believe. This led Jonathan to explore how “older” and “younger” can not only coexist, but thrive in an ageless and mutually-supportive environment. From this intergenerational thinking, Jonathan led the creation of The Common Room service model in 2018 –helping people of all ages discover their purpose and make real progress towards life goals and self-fulfilment. The Common Room v2.0 is currently in development and is due for launch in Autumn this year.

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