Our research shows that Purpose is the single most powerful driving force that people of all ages have in common. 

But, for many it is so hard to find.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had access to a purpose engine throughout our lives? That we could tap into when we needed it? Imagine what we could all become. How inspired, driven and productive we would be?

The Common Room helps build confidence, aspiration and hope in the future. And it creates opportunities  – for new jobs, careers, startups, self-employment, friendships, networks, hobbies and volunteering. If you’re searching for Purpose then The Common Room is for you.

The purpose curriculum provides the core curriculum of workshops, classes and activities which support Common Room members towards their purpose goals.

The Common Room brand and the purpose curriculum are made available on licence with an extensive package of training, support and communication tools. Each licenced organisation joins the wider network of Common Room Implementors - learning, sharing and crowdsourcing impact together.

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