Here is The Common Room on one page. A simple infographic that describes the purpose curriculum, the member's journey, its role within the local ecosystem, and the benefits it delivers - to the members, the community and the local economy.

The Common Room_On a Page_0521_v5.0.png
The 10-step Purpose curriculum

1. The Map of Life: What really matters in life? What’s most important to you? How does your life compare with what you consider to be a good life? How have your priorities changed? Have you strayed from your core path?

2. Introducing yourself: Who are you? Where are you on your Map of Life? What is your vision for yourself, and what forces are currently at play? What are your passions, goals, dreams?

3. The Wall of Hope: What is getting in your way? What barriers or obstacles are preventing you from living a good life? What stumbling blocks do you place in your path yourself? How are others holding you back, preventing your progress? How?

4. Your SuperPowers: Exploring your skill strengths; What are you great at? What can you teach or share with others? Identify areas or gaps where you need to improve if you are to achieve your purpose goals.

5. You can’t do it alone: The essential ingredient is human connection. Building a network of relationships. Exploring their value, potential, benefits, meaning. Learn how to communicate better, and learn to trust. How can you build and diversify your networks?

6. Confidence is critical: The power of confidence and the impotence of the lack of it. How to repair, rebuild, nurture and protect your confidence. Build resilience, mettle, tenacy, pride in yourself and what you stand for.

7. Your Social CV: Everyone knows about the economic CV, but what is your social value? How would you create a social CV for yourself on the blank flip-side of your economic CV? How would you describe yourself in social value terms? Why would it make a difference to you, your family, your community or your employer?

8. Your Purpose Plan: Bringing it all together as a collection of purpose goals. Crafting them in detail. Making them implementable, achievable, impactful, measurable and meaningful.

9. Making progress: Pacing yourself, maintaining fitness of body and mind. Recognising and overcoming procrastination and other obstacles. Building momentum. Creating the right support network and being accountable to yourself. Building purpose into your life.

10. Sharing your story: What does success look like? Become a source of inspiration to others. Passing it forward. Coaching, mentoring others.