The Common Room is where people of all ages, and at all life stages, come together to discover their purpose, explore new futures and reach for new goals. The Common Room helps build confidence, aspiration and hope in the future. It also creates opportunities  – jobs, careers, startups, self-employment, friendships, new connections, hobbies and volunteering. If you’re searching for purpose then The Common Room is for you. Sign up below!

Membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age. Membership is free, but some events and workshops might carry a small fee. Tea, coffee, biscuits and snacks free for all members. Also chess, backgammon, playing cards and a small-but-growing “Purpose” library are all available for you to use. And free wifi. And great conversations. Just pop in between 10-4, Mon-Fri. We offer a series of workshops and events to help you discover your purpose and find fulfilment in life. Visit "What's On" to book your place.



A half-day group workshop - "Discover Your Purpose" - where you will reflect on the building blocks of a good life; explore the barriers and obstacles that frequently get in the way; understand and appreciate your authentic self and the value you offer; and create your Purpose Plan.



Regular drop-in "Purpose Surgeries" for you to meet experts in the fields of jobs, careers, start-ups, self-employment, social enterprise and volunteering. These sessions are based around creative conversations, group discussions, Q&A sessions and networking. Informal, fun and impactful.



Once we get to know you and learn more about your Purpose Plan and what inspires you, we will start to introduce you to other members who share your ambitions, passions, values and/or have the skills and network connections that you're looking for.



Depending on what you're looking for, we will direct you to the specialist advisors or training classes of our organisational partners to bolster your skills and capabilities. 


After achieving your Purpose goals, and graduating from The Common Room to become an honorary alumnus!, we will record your success story as a podcast - to always be available as a source of inspiration to future members.

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