Not everyone will need The Common Room all the time, but everyone will need it at critical moments in their lives. Our fast-paced, instant-access, high-demand societies can be stressful and challenging places to live and succeed in. More and more we are learning to value and protect the things that matter most - our passions, inspirations, relationships and sense of purpose. These are where self-worth and fulfilment reside.

Students unsure of which career direction to take.
Young people looking for their first job.
New parents looking for work-life balance.
People trapped in in-work poverty.
Workers recently made redundant.
Entrepreneurs looking for a roadmap for a start-up.
Social innovators looking to change things for the better.
Retirees looking to reinvent their own non-retirement.
Successful career people looking to give back.
Empty-nesters looking to make a fresh start.
Community-minded people wanting to improve the place where they live.
And everyone looking for new inspirations and opportunities.

The benefits are real and immediate.