Discovering purpose is fundamental to a good life. The Common Room helps people discover what really matters, get unstuck, and make real progress in work and life. Creating fulfilment, wellbeing and prosperity for ourselves and the communities in which we live. It's inclusive, intergenerational, free, and open to everyone.

The Common Room is the place where people discover their purpose, together. It's unique purpose curriculum - the Purpose Playbook - helps people of all ages, all backgrounds and at all stages of life, to (re)discover their purpose and make real progress in terms of work, careers, start-ups and social impact.

The Common Room is offered on licence to participating organisations (local authorities, housing associations, libraries, shopping centres, colleges and universities, even big business) so they may build purpose power stations for the communities they serve. It is an effective and affordable innovation that

delivers immediate impact - both social and economic.


The Common Room was developed with the support of The National Lottery Community Fund and Innovate UK, and successfully demonstrated in the communities of Islington and Waltham Forest in collaboration with Peabody Trust, Openreach and as part of the Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government's 'Integrated Communities Action Plan'.